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Ванильное мороженное


Мороженое Ароматизаторы

About us

We are a company specializing in ice-cream delivery since 2010. Over the years, we have earned the trust of more than 350 loyal customers who appreciate the quality and variety of our products.

Our assortment includes over 200 flavors of ice-cream to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. We take pride in using natural and high-quality ingredients for our frozen treats. Whether you crave classic flavors, exotic combinations, or options for dietary preferences, we have something for everyone.

Three Flavours of Ice Cream

Services we provide

Wholesale delivery

Our company offers wholesale ice cream deliveries to stores, ensuring a continuous availability of products on the shelves. We have over 200 varieties of ice- cream available in our assortment to cater to every taste.

 Product consultation

Our company offers consultations and recommendations to stores regarding the most popular and in-demand ice cream varieties, assisting them in making informed product choices.

Marketing support

Our company can provide stores with marketing assistance, such as supplying promotional materials or offering advice on ice cream placement within the store to attract customer attention.

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